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“Our Psychic Lives” is a collection of stories that tell of our own experiences with being psychic and seeing and hearing spirits. 

We are not alone in this life. Every person alive on this Earth has God and certain spirits that are helping them. They are there at our birth and they are there to help us as we take our last breath, and pass on to the other side. We have yet to see a person who is completely alone, even if they think they are.

God is with us contantly.  There are also some spirits that stay with us throughout our lives and some that just visit.  They stand by us no matter what we are going through. Not all of us see or hear them consciously, but they are the most steadfast and caring energy in our day to day lives.

Sit still, close your eyes, and let yourself feel God and the spirits around you. At first, you may just sense the faint whisper of a presence. As you do this more and more, you may even be able to hear them. They are as real as the beating of your own heart. 
Every one of us has God and very loving spirits with us and they are an important part of our circle of friends and family. They help us to heal and they are there with us through both the good times and the bad.    
It is also true that there are some spirits who are troubled and we need to be aware of those times when we have to deal with a troubled spirit, but in most cases they are just people who died before they could heal through certain unresolved childhood and past issues. And just like us, they only need to tell their story.