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God Enhanced Music
by: Bud
When I was a teenager during the 70’s I spent hours listening to the music of my generation. It was an era of music that reflected the deep, soulful, inward searching of its time. I would go to my room, shut my door, and sit there alone. As soon as the music filled the still air around me I began to feel my soul, my body, my heart, and my very skin, merging with it. I felt the guitarist’s touch on the strings like waves rushing into and over me connecting me to a place where I belonged...a place that no-one could take from me. My heart beat with the rhythm of the drums. When they sang I became the sorrow, desperation, anger, happiness, and joy of their voices. Their soulful cries echoed my own inner need to be heard and to truly exist. Their emotions, flowing through and around me like an ocean, touched the very core of my own inner struggle and search for meaning.
Now, I can honestly say without hesitation that the music I listened to as a teenager saved my life. It became a part of who I am in a way that nothing else ever could.
When I got older and unresolved memories and feelings about my childhood and past began to emerge I started down the long, hard road of recovery. As the memories came up one after the other, I cried and prayed for God to help me. There were times when I felt so bad that I wondered why my heart kept beating. I wondered how I could get up in the morning and do simple things like brush my teeth or take out the trash. I had opened the door to my past and as much as I wanted to I was not able to close that door again.
One day, after I had been praying for God to help me, I started to play a CD of music that I had made of the music that kept me alive when I was a teenager.  As I was listening to the songs a question started to form within me. “Why wouldn’t God be able to help me through this music? Maybe God would be able to add something to the music or enhance it in some way.” 
So I put another blank CD in the computer and right before I hit “burn” to download the music onto the CD, I prayed and asked God to put whatever God wanted to put into the music. After the CD was done and had ejected from the computer I slowly pushed it back in and let it play. 
I cannot explain what I felt when the music filled the room. It came over me like a wave of love, understanding, and compassion. It was as if the music knew the deepest part of me and everything that had ever happened in my life. I sat there for the longest time and cried as the CD played over and over again. After I listened to the first God-enhanced CD I was not totally healed from everything but I knew that I had healed through something very significant. I had also discovered a way to connect to the help and love of God through music.
When I told my wife about this she asked me to make her a music disk like the one I had made myself. My wife was also going through a difficult recovery. She had been haunted by unresolved memories from her childhood and past for many, many years. 
When I prayed to God to add something to the music for her she sat there quietly and patiently waited. When the CD was done I pushed it back in to play. Immediately, I saw a look of shock on my wife’s face. Then I held her as she cried. When she stopped crying she said, “God put something in the music...he really did.”
While walking on the beach at the ocean my wife and I asked God to put whatever God wanted to put into the sound of the waves that were peacefully rolling to the shore.  We wanted to see if God could also enhance nature sounds the same way that he enhanced the music.  As we held hands and walked along the sandy beach we could both feel the love and caring that God had put into the waves.  Since then, we've asked God to put something into the sound of rain, wind, and any other sounds naturally happening all around us.  We've prayed over the movies and shows we watch on TV, our water fountain on the porch, and any music that we play. I've found that I don't have to make my own music CD's in order to ask God to put something into the music or nature sounds recordings that I listen to.  God's love and guidance combined with a deep spiritual connection to nature has been one of the most nurturing things I've ever experienced.  
All it takes is just a simple prayer.