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Fear of Spirits
by: Rose
A nice spirit once told me that the reason that some people do not allow spirits counselors to help them is because they are afraid. Not only are they afraid of spirit counselors, they are afraid of all spirits in general. This is because spirits are usually portrayed in such a scary and horrible way in literature, movies, songs, and other media. Most spirits in horror movies are ghoulish terrifying creatures who only want to destroy or hurt people. They are called ghosts. They appear only as dark entities with scarred, decaying faces. Their woeful moans can be heard all through the castle, and the rattling of their chains can make the hair of any good actor turn white in about five seconds. 
I have been able to see and hear spirits since I was a very little child. I am now 56 years old now. I have never once seen a spirit with a decaying horrible ugly face shaking chains and moaning like the ones on the horror movies. Spirits just aren’t like that. 
I once talked to a person named Will who was very sad because his Aunt Lizzy had died. During her life Lizzy was a very loving and wonderful Aunt who baked cookies for him and took him to Walt Disney movies. When Lizzy died, Will prayed for God to let her appear to him so that he could talk to her just one more time. As soon as Aunt Lizzy’s spirit began to materialize, Will panicked. He started screaming and ran out of the house as fast as his legs would carry him. It was not that Aunt Lizzy had automatically turned into some ghoulish horrible creature just because she was dead it was that Will had been taught since childhood to fear all ghosts and spirits, even his loving Aunt. If Aunt Lizzy was nice while she was alive she’s the same way now that she’s dead.
I’m not saying that all spirits are like Aunt Lizzy though. Usually, if a person is troubled in life, chances are, they will be troubled when they are dead. And though there are some spirits that I can honestly say scared the hell out of me, the majority of them are people just like me and you. I have only been truly afraid of just a hand full of spirits in my lifetime. Most of the spirits that I see and talk to are just trying to get along the best way that they can, just like the rest of us.