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Lessons in Timing


by: Bud

I’ve always had a fascination and curiosity about timing.  You know, those times where you have either been somewhere or not been somewhere at just the right moment, or you have a chance meeting with someone that seems more destiny than chance.  Those moments, no matter how big or how small, always leave me with a stunned “time stands still” feeling.  Is it really a coincidence when these things happen or are we being helped in some way that we cannot fully understand?  

One warm summer day Rose and I were told by a group of spirits that they wanted to teach us a lesson about timing.  That day we had decided to take a drive to a historic site which was about 35 miles away.  This drive took us through and around a maze of busy city streets, multiple stop lights, semi-trucks, large and small cars, pickup trucks and motorcycles.  There were other vehicles to the right, left, front and back of us, some changing lanes, slowing down, speeding up, and the normal stop and go of red, green and yellow traffic lights.  Occasionally we slowed down or stopped for pedestrians who seemed to be almost risking their lives crossing hazardous city streets.  As we drove out of the city we soon found ourselves on a long, straight bridge which crossed a large bay.  Midway across the bridge we were stopped for about ten minutes while the drawbridge raised high into the air allowing a large white sailboat to pass.  After the sailboat had found its way to the other side safely, we moved on again until we reached the historic site.  

At first this trip didn’t seem to be any different than any other time that we had made the same drive.  Nothing seemed new at all to us and we wondered what lesson in timing this could possibly be.  Then as we entered the town where the historic site was we looked to our right and both muttered, “Oh my God”.   There to the right was a large digital sign that reports things like the town functions, up-coming meetings, outside temperature and of course, the date and time.  It was one of those “time stands still” moments almost stopping us in our tracks.  It was clearly and boldly lit with “1:11 1-11-11”.  In the back seat we could hear spirits saying, “That was your lesson in timing”.  We had arrived at that specific spot, at that specific time, on that specific day of that specific year.  Somehow the spirits had timed our trip so that we would enter the town at exactly the right moment to see the time and date line up, all in ones. 

After this lesson Rose and I began to think back at times in our lives when timing was important.  We could not stop thinking about how we had met and the circumstances that seemed so spiritually driven.   Back in the 80’s I was stationed in Rome, New York, a very small old world Italian and Irish community where the Italians and Irish were literally separated by a set of rail road tracks.  The house I lived in was a warm, solid, eighty-five year old cape.  There was just something about this house and I felt so safe surrounded by its rough-cut solid oak frame.  The street I lived on was lined with beautiful live oak trees that arched over the road keeping a hot, summers walk cooler for the shade and I felt the wisdom and love of these trees whenever I stood by them.  My neighborhood barber, Bob, had a small shop just two blocks down on the right.  Bob knew exactly what kind of hair cut I liked and when I visited him at his barber shop I could listen to the elders discuss the town’s business.  During the school year I could hear the kids laughing and yelling in the playground just across the street from Bob’s.

My job at that time was managing a military electronics shop where I had a good team that knew their field well.  Each day, one day after the other, was met with regularity and the Air Force Base was small so that I could pretty much say I knew most of people there.  Though I was content living where I was, there was something very missing in my life.  I had been divorced for quite a long time and while I was dating I just could not find that one person I would want to spend the rest of my life with.  I began to feel as though I would never find her.  Yet I felt a great urge, actually compelled to continue looking for her.  Back then, there is no way that I could have told you who “her” was but I felt in my soul that she must be out there somewhere. 

One day while sitting in my office looking over the many logistical problems of the day I all of a sudden got this amazing intuition.  I mean, if intuition had a feeling of something solid, this would have been a baseball bat.  I felt that I had to move to Alaska.  I had been to the air base in Alaska before and was stunned at the beauty of the area, but to just get up and move away from a comfortable job in a cozy little town and move to Alaska seemed a far and distant dream to me.  Then I heard it again.  The urge to move to Alaska was one of the strongest intuitions I’ve ever had and it kept growing stronger and stronger.  I found myself thinking, “OK, but getting to Alaska for me wouldn’t be easy.  There would have to be a job opening in my field of expertise, it would have to be open to my rank and it would require my level of clearance.  All of that would be hard enough but the fact that assignments rarely, if ever, opened up in Alaska because people just didn’t want to give them up.” 

Finally I got up from my desk and walked down to the personnel office.  In personnel there was a book that showed what assignments were open across the world.  To my amazement there it was…a job with my rank and clearance had just opened up that morning.  I filled out the regular paperwork for the job and five months later I was on my way to Alaska. 

Alaska, a place so beautiful that only a true poet could do justice to the beauty to its mountains, oceans, rivers, forest and wild life.  I had brought a camera for the road trip and upon entering Alaska I began to take photos.  I burned up eight rolls of film in the first four hours.  It was as if I could just stick my camera out the window, snap a photo and capture a masterpiece.  After the rolls of film were spent I threw the camera in the back seat and allowed myself to just soak in the beauty as I drove.  By the time I reached the base the spirituality and freedom of miles and miles of untamed wilderness had become a part of my very soul. 

At first I was so busy getting established in my new home and job that I didn’t feel as lonely as I had felt before.  Then as months and months passed I began to get a feeling of “OK God, why did you bring be all of the way here?” As the days wore on I became angry, then sad and then that old feeling of “I will never find that one person to share my life with” began to become stronger and stronger.  The loneliness I had felt in New York was back and so was the overwhelming feeling that I would never find love. 

I turned to nature for comfort and spent hours and hours cross country skiing, hiking up old Flat Top Mountain and exploring the wilderness.  The mystical scenery, wildlife and clean air of Alaska helped to halfway fill the void in my heart, but it could not get rid of the longing I had within myself for someone else to share it with.  She was out there somewhere and I prayed over and over again for God to help me to find her.  Otherwise, why was I there?  What were the intense feelings and intuition I had experienced in New York all about?

Then one day while I was sitting at home in my overstuffed chair reading a book, taking momentary glances of the light snow falling outside and feeling the warmth of the crackling fireplace, another intuition came to me.  Suddenly I knew that I was to go to a specific book store in the city that had just opened.  At first I was stunned by the feeling of needing to go to the book store.  I already had a small library of books that I had purchased sitting on the shelf in front of me, so logically, buying another book made no sense at all.  BAM! Another surge of that baseball bat smack of intuition made me feel as if my body was going to get up out of the chair all by itself, go to the car and drive to the book store no matter what else I thought I was going to do.  OK!!!  Book store!!!  I am on my way!

When I reached the book store I wandered around from section to section thinking that God wanted me to find some book when suddenly I turned around and I saw “her”.  It wasn’t a “movie romance” kind of connection where fireworks and dreamy clouds filled the space about her.  It was a feeling of, “I know you”, even though I had only just met her in this life.  She looked at me and then quickly looked away.  Then she turned back to look at me again and when she saw me still looking at her she  immediately looked down as if she was shy or embarrassed that I had caught her giving me a second glance.  Then I wandered past her towards the stairs to go down to the coffee shop.  When I looked back I saw that she was watching me so I asked her if she’d like to have a coffee with me and she said “yes”.   After this first meeting we met over and over again at my favorite coffee shop where many people gathered to discuss the daily topics as well as drink something warm with a pastry or a rich bowl of soup.  Here we got to know each other.  One of those days, Rose brought in some poetry that she had written.  As she read it I felt as if I was listening to some great piece of music and found myself in the places her stories described.  Tears, laughter, sadness, reflection all were on the menu that day.  On another day she told me stories about her childhood that echoed my own and when she finally opened up about it I found that she too was psychic and could talk to spirits.  I had found “her”, “My Rose”.  

While we were dating, Rose told me about how she ended up at the same bookstore I was at on the first day that we had met.  She said that she was sitting at home and suddenly got a very strong intuition to go to a bookstore.  Rose had a recently come upon a coupon for the book store that was located in the mall directly across the street from the book store that I had been ushered to.  She hopped in her car and off she went.  It was the usual drive, a left here, a right there, just another day, until she got to the entrance of the mall and tried to turn into the parking lot.  The steering wheel of her car just wouldn’t turn right.  She tried over and over again, but the steering wheel of her car just would not budge.  Frightened and not knowing what else to do, she drove past the mall and through the intersection.  All of a sudden her steering wheel released just as she came to the entrance of the book store that I was at.  Shaken, surprised and stunned at what just happened she sat in her car in that parking lot for about five minutes trying to calm down before she got out and went into the store.  She wondered if God had gotten her to go there so that she could find some obviously important book that she needed.  Instead, she found me. 
Now, after 20 years of marriage we both still smile about when we met.   Every anniversary we go out to a coffee shop and over a warm cup of hazelnut coffee and a piece of dark chocolate, we hold hands and reminisce.  Did God and spirits help my wife Rose and I get together?  Somewhere in my heart and soul I know that the answer is “yes”.  It was no coincidence that we both ended up in the same store on the same day.  RoseBud