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Healing with Nature
by: Bud
All my life I have naturally known that nature is the great healer. There is healing in the trees, the lakes, the oceans, and the wind. Nature has always been there for me. It is so much older than humanity. It has seen, experienced, and felt so much for so long, and it understands. It has seen what the world has gone through to include the best and worst of times. Nature is wise and compassionate. Sadly, there seems to be a large part of humanity that has forgotten that it too is a part of this nature. With this forgetfulness, came the loss of a healing companion.

When I was a child, nature was my friend, my mother and father, my nurse, my place of peace, it was my church. It had a flow about it. It didn’t seem confused about what it was doing or what life was all about. It didn’t seem to be in a rush to go some place. It didn’t seem to need fictional ideas for life. Its self was so amazing that to connect to it and to try to understand it was a wonder to fill any curiosity. All life within it seemed to just naturally belong to the whole.

Oh sure, one must also respect the other creatures of nature and have a solid understanding of their way of being for some of them have highly sensitive dispositions. Even Mother Earth herself can be in an uproar at times but oddly enough so many of the creatures of the earth seem to be able to sense these uproars before they come about.

As I grew older I began to be swayed by the overwhelming wave of thought and lost myself to this play called life. I was led to disconnect from nature’s flow and with it the loss of healthy emotions combined with clear thinking. My natural spirituality began to be replaced by the facts and faith of science and religion which are both noble studies but what now seem to be lacking in morality and truth.

I am now finding my way back to nature, the oceans, the trees, the lakes, the wind and the skies. Sitting quietly with nature I can feel my body, mind and emotions flow more smoothly. I don’t mean to imply that smoothness is the same as happiness. Smoothness means being able to feel what ever I need to feel, comfortable or uncomfortable, without my feelings being amplified, dampened or distorted by others who intentionally or unintentionally try to change what is moving through me.

It has been said many times by many people the idea of being a part of the Earth not just on it. Smell the air with all of who you are. Feel the soil beneath your feet. Touch the trees and be with them as if they are someone you have always known and trusted. Allow the waves of the ocean to splash up on your legs while you extend yourself out into the water and become a part of it. With this, come the feelings of being human and being a part of the Earth.  From this will come tears and laughter, joy and grief, loss, love, anger, peace, happiness, loneliness, and the short stories of life’s truths that can leave you standing in complete and total amazement.

Nature is the Great Healer. It will help you to feel and to be the person you really are.