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Confused Spirits in Counseling
by: Rose
I was fifteen, sitting on a hard wooden pew at my Grandfather’s funeral. The soft morning light, filtered through stained glass windows, shone on the wooden coffin below. A young priest standing solidly behind the pulpit spoke in a slow and compassionate voice. “This man you all loved is now dead, but you need not worry yourself with his fate. He is now completely at peace, and in a better place than any of us could ever imagine.” 
As the priest was talking, I noticed my Grandfather pacing back and forth in front of the church mumbling to himself and shaking his head. He stopped only moments to look at us before he lowered his eyes and started crying. His face had the look of a man who was lost and confused. His voice trembled with an edge of panic and shock. I could tell that he wasn’t really sure exactly where he was, or how he got there. I watched as a kind female spirit entered the church and took my Grandfather’s hand. She stood there with him and talked to him for the rest of the ceremony. Then, I saw the spirit lead him down the isle towards the door. I turned around and watched until they both mysteriously disappeared into thin air. As far as I knew, I was the only one who saw them.
When my grandfather reached eighty, he became senile and easily confused. There were times that he did not even remember his own address. He passed away after fighting a long hard battle with pneumonia. While he was dying, he had no idea that he was nearing the end of his life. After his death, he was far from being completely at peace. He was more like a lost child who could not find his way home. The priest was wrong about him, and I knew it. 
For the next two years I often saw my Grandfather with the same young female spirit that I had seen him with on the day of his funeral. I knew that she was helping him. I knew that he would be alright.
Now, years later, my Grandfather can talk to me. He is no longer lost. He knows where he is. He knows that he is dead. Though he still does not appear to be completely at peace, he has come a long way from what he was like at his funeral.
There are a lot of spirits who are not at peace. Their souls walk the earth and visit places where they lived in the past. They do this in an attempt to stir up old memories and feelings.  Often, kind counselor spirits are with them. The kind spirits are trying to get the troubled ones to face what happened to them while they were alive. I see this all of the time. Those spirits, who were troubled while they were alive, remain troubled in the afterlife until they can face their past and heal. 
I have learned that when a spirit roams the Earth, they are not stuck or unable to go into the light, they are simply in counseling.