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Spirit Counselors
by: Rose
There are wonderful spirit counselors helping everyone. No-one is left out of this. When we think that no-one cares or that no-one wants to help us, we’re just not being consciously aware of the spirits around us who are counseling or guiding us. I see spirits with people all of the time. Sometimes people listen to the spirits and let them help, and sometimes people try to push the spirits away.
My husband I have a friend named Teresa. One day, frantic and sobbing, Teresa called us and told us that something or someone was brutally attacking her. She said that it was as if some unseen force was trying desperately to kill her. When my husband and I tried to find out what was happening, all we could see and feel was a thick, dark ominous spirit with a charred black face, menacingly stalking Teresa everywhere she went. No matter what she did, she could not get away from him. As she told us what was happening to her I started to feel a kind of confused helplessness. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to help her, and I knew it. The dark spirit was not responding to any of my attempts to communicate with it. Then, I closed my eyes and prayed for God to help free Teresa from the troubled spirit. Immediately, a young male spirit appeared. His eyes were calm and loving. He wore a white flowing robe to the ground, and every part of his presence, even the air around him, softly glowed through the dim evening light. I could not take my eyes off of him. He said only one sentence. “Tell her to wear red”. As soon as he said this, I told Teresa to find something red and put it on. Teresa hung up the phone, and my husband and I waited. Five minutes later, Teresa called back. She said that she had found a red shirt and as soon as she put it on, the dark spirit immediately stopped attacking her and left. 
When I told Teresa about the young male spirit, she asked me to try to talk to him again. What I found when I talked to the young male spirit again was this:
The dark troubled spirit was a man named Tom who lived back in the days of the colonial war. He was a soldier who had gotten cut off from the rest of his troop and wondered aimlessly until he came across a small farm house. When the woman who lived at this house resisted him, he raped her and then beat her to death. When Tom opened the door to leave, he found that ten British Redcoat soldiers were steadily approaching. Tom tried to make a run for it, but before he could get to his horse, the redcoats were upon him. As soon as the British soldiers discovered the murdered woman in the farm house they became enraged. They surrounded Tom, tied his hands and feet, and then set him on fire. So, while this man was burning, all he could see through the flames were ten redcoat uniforms. He became so afraid of the color red, that he could not bare to look at it.
Our friend Teresa was the woman who Tom had raped and beaten to death. In that past life, Teresa looked very much like Tom’s abusive prostitute mother.  Teresa looks very much the same in this life too.
When the dark spirit could no longer hurt Teresa, he then came after us. For a full week and a half my husband and I wore nothing but red. We even had to go to the store to buy more red shirts since we did not have enough red clothing in our closet. Redcoat soldier spirits appeared in our house and stayed with us during the whole week and a half and they also posted redcoat soldiers at Teresa’s house. Eventually, the troubled spirit left and never came back.
Without the young male spirit who appeared to help Teresa, she would probably still be struggling with this dark spirit, and my husband and I would still not be able to help her. Now, Teresa is not only free of this troubled spirit, she has also healed through the past life trauma of being raped and beaten to death. 
Another story about a spirit helping someone is a former co-worker I used to know named Christine. It was the middle of winter and Christine had just bought a new car. While she was telling everyone how wonderful her new car was, a spirit appeared and started to tell her that the new car had a faulty steering wheel. The spirit said that it could lock up and cause her to get into an accident. Before I could tell Christine what the spirit said, she said, “I think I’ll just bring this car into the shop to make sure everything’s OK with it though. You know, new things sometimes have little bugs that need to be worked out.” The next day Christine brought her car to the shop and the technician found the steering wheel problem. The whole steering column needed to be replaced. The technician said that it was a really good thing she had brought it in. When I asked Christine how she knew that the car needed to be brought to the shop she said, “I really don’t know I just got a bad feeling that something might be wrong”. I knew then that Christine had subconsciously picked up on what the spirit had told her about the car. Without the help of the spirit, Christine would have most likely been injured in a car accident.
Whether we know it or not, there are spirits helping us. We don’t need to be totally aware of the spirits in order for them to help us, but it doesn’t hurt to try to feel their presence and listen to what they are saying. Perhaps you will feel a gentle hand on your shoulder, hear a soft whisper, or feel a slight breeze as they pass by you.