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The Minot Spirit
by: Bud
It was late in the evening, February, mid 1980s, in northern North Dakota. The temperature was some 30 degrees below zero and the winds were around 13 miles per hour with the snow making it very difficult to see the road. I was driving from Minot Air Force Base to the city of Minot which was 13 miles away. This kind of weather wasn’t out-of-the ordinary for this time of year and I had made the drive many times before. It’s a very quiet drive. There are very few, if any, other cars on the long, straight, flat drive to the city. It is easy to be mesmerized by the sound of the engine with only the lights of the dashboard to focus on. Every once in a while I could see through the blur of snow the illusion of some farmhouse light that appeared to be near by, but in truth, was 30 or 40 miles away. All of the airmen had heard the story of people who had broken down on the road and had attempted to make the trek to the nearest farm house only to be found in the farmers field come spring thaw.
The city of Minot sits down in a small river valley nestled below the never ending flat landscape of the state and in this kind of weather it at first shows up like a glowing field of light without shape or form in the distance. As I came closer I began to see the familiar road signs that mark Minot proper. It was kind of a relief in that I once again felt a connection to civilization and the knowing that I wasn’t so very alone in a potentially deadly environment. Finally I approached the ridge of the river valley and just began to see the city. I say city but I mean this in the smallest sense... small but not micro. This little community had all of the amenities that make up a city to include a zoo, shopping mall, restaurants, a college, and a big truck stop on the other side. 
Just as I began to turn down the ridge to the city I saw a young girl in my headlights who was maybe in her late teens, standing on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. North Dakota has the Good Samaritan law which requires a driver to pick up any one who is on the side of the road in inclement weather.  But I didn’t need this law to just freak out, pull over and yell at the girl to get into the car. There she was, standing in sub zero temperatures, wind howling, snow blowing all about, in summer clothes and acting as if she wasn’t bothered by it at all. She opened the door and got in. She wasn’t at all what I expected to see. I would have thought she’d be freezing, shaking like a leaf, lips blue with frost all about her nose and hair. Nope, she seemed as if she had just stepped into my car from an August summer night. She was calm. There wasn’t any snow attached to her clothes or her face. Although things felt kind of out of place, I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was that seemed wrong. In my anxiety of finding a person in such a predicament I asked her what she was doing out there. She turned slowly toward me and in a demure fashion responded by saying that she wanted to get to the city of Bismark some four plus hours south of Minot. She said that she had a fight with her parents and she wanted to go be with her boyfriend.
Back in those days I would have described myself as being a psychic-medium that didn’t really realize that I was a psychic-medium. I had always had insight, feelings of things around me, and a connection to others in a way that I knew what it was they were feeling. In many cases I might have been able to identify what it was they were feeling even better than they were allowing themselves to acknowledge. I have also had a strong connection to spirits. I had always been this way and I guess that I figured that everyone else perceived life the way that I did. I had never really had a deep conversation with anyone about this perception or knowing. On this night, my senses were really reaching out. It wasn’t my head or logic that was trying to make sense of things, it was the spiritual part of me that was wide awake and trying to sort out the events that were taking place. 
There we were, sitting on the top of this river valley, the snow blowing, the windshield edged with frost, and the darkness around us being just lightly painted with the lights of the city ahead. I reached over and cranked up the heater and pointed the vents toward her in hopes that it would warm her up. I could feel her next to me and something felt wrong. I was sensing some vague images from her but I couldn’t make them out. From these images I felt a deep sense of sadness about the girl. Something just wasn’t right. Something had happened to her that had just taken her innocence away from her. It felt brutal and overpowering. It was the feeling of a life being taken away and to me this leaves a kind of emptiness behind. Yet, as I looked at her she didn’t show any signs of physical trauma. There was something about her eyes. They looked very solid and dark. Normally when I see someone’s eyes it is like looking into a window and seeing the person on the other side. With this girl, there wasn’t any window to look through. She literally was the person on the other side. Up to this point I hadn’t put together exactly who or what I was talking to. 
I began to feel as if I was becoming a part of a play that was being acted out. It was as if there was some intense force that was involved and I was to be a part of it all. We put our seat belts on and then off we went. As we were driving down the North hill of Minot I tried talking to her. I tried to find out if there was anywhere else in the city she would like to go. The only response I got was “No, I really just want to go be with my boyfriend”. I drove slowly down the icy streets pondering how to resolve this issue. I told her that Bismark was quite a road trip for me.  I mean it was four hours down and four hours back, not to mention the cost of the gas. I was not a very high ranking Airman in those days and I didn’t make a lot of money. Looking back, I felt kind of weird. I didn’t ponder some other safe location to take her to like the hospital, the police, or the women’s shelter. I seemed more focused on just getting her to Bismark. I felt almost led to the South side of the city where there was a big truck stop and with that came the plan that I could take her to the truck stop where she could catch a ride from one of the truckers going to Bismark. There was only one highway leading out of Minot and the truckers were sure to be going that way.  
As we were moving into the South side of Minot I mentioned the truck stop plan. She replied with a sheepish “No, I don’t want to go to the truck stop”. I still found myself continuing towards the south side of town and the truck stop feeling like I didn’t have any other choice but to go there. Eventually I came to where I was still on the highway but just outside the turn in for the truck stop. I pulled over to the side of the road. It was late at night, freezing cold, snow blowing everywhere, not another soul in sight, and I could see the lights of the building. I told her she could get out here and if she were to get cold, she could make a mad dash to the truck stop to get warm or to catch a ride. She agreed, opened the door and stepped out of the car. I was feeling confused and lost for understanding about what was happening. I put the car in forward and drove out pulling a very quick u-turn in the road. I expected to see her standing there, shivering and getting ready to make a run to the truck stop.........but she was gone. She was no where in sight. There wasn’t anywhere she could have ducked behind. It was impossible for her to make the truck stop that fast. She was gone. I began to notice that my spiritual senses started to back off some and my head began to clear up. Weirdly, I just drove back in the direction of the main city without any further concern.
The next day I called the local police about the event. They laughed at first. Oh yea! We’ve heard this one before. Other people had called in with the exact same story. The girl I described, her age, hair color, the clothes she was wearing, and that she wanted to go to Bismark to be with her boyfriend after having a fight with her parents, perfectly fit the description of a girl that was abducted a few years back. They never found her. 
Now, today, since my awareness has opened up more and I have a mate that is also a sensitive, we have dug further into this happening. After talking to our spiritual family we found out that this girl had indeed been abducted by a trucker one summer and that he had raped and brutally beaten her to death. The trucker had previously spent time in jail for rape, but not for murder. He was released from jail and went on to murder this young woman, but he had never been identified or caught for this crime. Our Spirit family went on to say that the girl’s soul was in shock and was reliving the trauma over and over again as a means of healing the abuse. It wasn’t just the action of the trauma that she had to work through. It was also the emotions of the event that she had to be able to feel. The poor abused girl didn’t get into cars with just everyone. She was only getting into cars with people who were going to be safe for her to be with. She was not alone either. There were other spirits with her trying to help her heal through what had happened to her. She wasn’t trying to “haunt” anyone. She wasn’t something dark or menacing. She was a person like you and I. She was just a spirit in a kind of spiritual counseling trying to heal a wound.
We learned from talking to our spirit family that when people die, everyone goes to what has been called the “Light”. This going toward the light is a unique, individual experience. Upon arrival to the light we are all met with spirits who greet us and help us to cross over. 
In this life I have heard over and over again that “people come into this world alone and they die alone”. This is in no way true. When people are born they have spirits with them and when they pass, there are spirits there still. You do not go through life without spirits there to help, comfort, guide, teach, and protect you. This doesn’t mean that you have some sort of invincible army there between you, the life you are to live and the world around you, but it does mean that you are definitely not alone with what you are going through. Unfortunately, many people have been taught out of listening to the help, comfort, guidance, teaching and protection that they get from the spirits around them.