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Bud's First Past Life Regression
by: Bud
My first past life regression took place in Anchorage, Alaska. It was early September and the cooler weather was just beginning to settle in. The city of Anchorage sits nestled up next to the ocean and is surrounded pretty much by the mountains on three sides and even though I was in the city I was always exposed to the power of the wilderness and the energy of the ocean that held the city in place. I had gone into past-life-regression with the intent to explore a certain part of my past but in the end I was very surprised by my experience.
I had asked a friend of mine who had a background in regression to help me with this journey. One thing he mentioned about going through regression in this fashion was that it wasn’t about losing myself and being taken over and being told what or how or who to be but instead it was about focus. He said that most people are outwardly focused. We have been trained all of our lives to focus our senses outwardly toward the world outside of ourselves. From this outward focus we have an awareness of what is going on around us. We sense the weather and the rest of nature so that we can interact with it and keep ourselves safe. We watch for the traffic, for food, other people, and so many other actions outside of selves we tend to lose our sense of what is happening within ourselves. This process that we were about to step into was about focusing my senses inward. I want to tell you that while I was focused inward some part of me was still aware of my friend in the room with me.
It would be easy to say that I went to a certain place and time but in reality it was more of just being in a different place and time. After all, this experience is about another part of me going through a past experience. I found myself in a very small, old log cabin which had dirt floors and I saw a woman laying on what today would be a rough cut picnic table. In those times it would have been the household table. The light seemed to be from a lantern or possibly candles. A woman was lying on her back on the table with her legs pulled up as you would expect to see a woman positioned while giving birth. I instantly began to feel intense emotions of grief, loss, and fear for my child. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t help what was happening. It took a moment but I realized that I was experiencing this from the ceiling of this cabin, looking down on this woman. My emotions were really strong and my body was feeling everything about the experience. 
My friend had been watching over me and mentioned that I didn’t have to go through it all right now and that I would still be going through this memory and it’s feelings when I was to refocus myself once again outward. I would continue to work out the past in the background when I was back. It was ok for me to come back to his present time. That is not what happened. 
Instead I saw the vision of the old log cabin and the woman lying on top of the table, begin to slowly fade into only darkness but in a short moment I saw this huge beautiful, brilliant, bright light. It was roundish in shape but it wasn’t like a ball or a bowl with hard edges. From the light came sparkles of light in rainbow colors like one might see when light moves through a prism.  I wasn’t blinded and my eyes did not strain when I looked at the light. Instead I felt calm and at peace. I wasn’t worried about life’s problems or even about the people back in my friends present time. This felt familiar. I notice three figures that had an energy flowing about them that might be confused with the wings of an angel but these were not wings of feathers. I immediately felt the most intense, true, pure emotions that I have ever felt. I had found old friends and I was elated to have found them. I was crying and asked them where they had been. I felt as if I had looked all over for them but to my great dismay I had not found them and in fact lost all hope of ever seeing them again. To me, this was a wondrous occasion. Everything in my life seemed to be complete. I didn’t need anything else. As this woman I had died and gone to, “for lack of words”, heaven. After a moment or two of being there the vision began to fade and again became black. In the matter of just a breath or two I found myself looking up at what appeared to be the sky. In the sky was a mist white jet stream laid out against a beautiful blue sky. I don’t mean “O look, a jet stream” I mean that this jet stream had significance. The jet stream seemed almost alive. It was as if this jet stream had been burned into my mind. It was an experience that stood out more intensely than all other experiences. Then, I felt myself float like in a swooshing motion to my left and found myself looking at a particular mountain and then back all of the way to my right to see another particular mountain. I went swooshing back and forth two or three times more. I laid there for some time taking in the total scene of the jet stream and the mountains on my left and right sides. It had the feeling of a great presence. Just as suddenly it had appeared it was gone. This time I went into the darkness but as the darkness faded I found myself begin to focus outward again. The room from which I began this journey started to feel more real. My friend came more into my awareness while more and more of myself began to be aware of the world around my body.
The adventure had been emotionally strong leaving me feel a bit out of place and out of balance. My friend was astonished at the whole event, walked over to the corner chair and sat down to recoup. In about 20 minutes I had gathered enough of myself to leave and head home. In the days to follow I was still well aware of the memories and feelings of the past adventure.
As I had said, the city of Anchorage was surrounded on three sides by mountains. One of the mountains was called Flat Top because it looked as if the top of the mountain had been cut off leaving a 30 square yard level area. The front of the mountain had a pretty good rake with a wonderful collection of rocks which was perfect for a high speed climb and the back side had a long flowing slope that was great for running down the mountain. I found it to be a perfect source of exercise. I tried to make this route two or three times a week. Three days after my past life adventure I had gathered myself and was feeling a need for some exercise. Off I went to Flat Top. With my hiking boots on up I went to the top of the mountain. The fresh mountain air along with a beautiful scene below of the city and the neighboring ocean was truly invigorating. I finally reached the top. At the top, connected to the edge of the flat top, was a long, lounge-chair looking rock which protruded out, off the edge of the mountain and I had always made it a point to lie down and just take in some nature before I made the run down the back side of the mountain. I had no more than laid down when I looked up at the skies above me when there it was “my misty white jet stream”.   It looked exactly as I had foreseen it. I turned my head left and right to find the exact mountains that were a part of the jet stream vision. 
I felt like a child who had experienced something new and wondrous. I just laid there for the longest time pondering the events that had taken place in the last few days. What did it all mean? How did I feel inside? 
When I went into my adventure to regress into a past life, I was given a gift, a kind of knowing and growth of my understanding of things. From a single place I experienced my past, while reaching for a word or kind of description I would say that I experienced heaven, and then next I experienced my future. So I went back to a past life and experienced myself as a woman dying during child birth and from that death I went to heaven. Both of these were from my past. Then I was shown a period of time in my future that I experience within a few days. From the present I experienced the past and the future.
Since my first regression I have experienced being other races living in the many places of our planet. I have been poor and rich. I have been intelligent and moronic. I have experienced many dichotomies of the human existence. I, who I am today, are more than just the sum of my days since birth in this life, I am the sum of all of my past lives. I know that my strengths and weaknesses are the result of my past. I am here to work through those past memories and feelings that I was unable or unwilling to re-experience and feel through, or heal through. I know that I have a choice that I will either recreate my problems of past into my present life with the intent of facing the problems again or I can go back into my past and face the emotions of hard times and free my own future of that recreation. 
In the story above I used some assistance to regress myself back into time with the intent of facing something but since then I have learned that I can easily listen to music or nature sounds as shown in my story called "God Enhanced Music", which is on this website. I find that when God helps, I am always loved and the healing is always about the exact memories and feelings I need to face.